Dr. Prophetess Deidre Burks, globally partnered with other leaders
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Dr. Prophetess Deidre Burks, globally partnered with other leaders

Prolific, productive, prestigious, and a dynamic woman of excellence; yet bold and influential instituting the power of God – are just a few words describing Prophetess Deidre Burks.  

Deidre is the Co-Founder of Fragrant Love International Life Christian Center (FLILCC), Dominion Training Center, and Founder and CEO of Women of War Global – Deidre Burks Ministries LLC.  

In 2000, Fragrant Love International Life Christian Center (FLILCC) was launched by Prophetess Deidre L. Burks. However, after her marriage, the ministry was re-organized in 2010. 

“My husband and I relaunched the ministry in 2010 together as a team. My husband is the Apostle and Apostolic Servant-Leader of the ministry. He has an apostolic and pastoring heart and calling. More so apostolic, meaning transforming lives through reformation – one life at a time. He is the head of FLILCC, while I am the co-founder and prophetic voice,” explained Prophetess Burkes.

She served in the United States Armed Forces for 25 years and is now a retired veteran.

In 2005, Prophetess Deidre’s unit was deployed to Kuwait and that’s where she met her husband. They were both stationed there; however, it was fate that brought them together. Now, they are both proud retired military veterans and grateful to God for the experiences that have shaped them into who they are today.

She is also Chairwoman of the Veterans Coalition Care and Support (VCCS) – a 501c3 not-for-profit organization serving veterans, their spouses, survivors, and their families. “In 2015, we founded VCCS. Our mission is to provide educational, cultural, and social services for veterans and their families, and to bring awareness of the challenges veterans endure to the communities in which we serve. We support all the military troops and their families with prayer, fasting, ministry, and care boxes.

Meanwhile, as a Global Expansion Leader, Prophetess Deidre is a local and international speaker; imparting, equipping, and activating by conducting Schools of The Prophets, impartation via online training, and instruction from the manual Ministering Spiritual Gifts (MSG), host of the Apostolic Prophetic Forum (APF), and hosting the annual Women of War Global (WOW) conferences.  

“I, along with a group of combat-ready women soldiers, organized a community conference called the Women of War Conference. The spirit of the Lord gave me a vision that came to me while I was stationed in Kuwait in the year 2005. Our mission and focus (since we said YES to God) is committed to women who are distressed, oppressed, depressed, isolated; women struggling with affliction, addiction, abuse, illness, and being tormented by the spirit of suicide! We opened our hearts to all women – young to elderly – from every facet of life, with the love of Jesus.”

In addition, Prophetess Deidre has traveled the world ministering in countries like India, Germany, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Canada, the Middle East, etc., and domestically, in the United States. 

As a catalyst for change, Prophetess Deidre is a business owner and is actively involved in community restoration. She is a campaigner of empowerment, Wife, Author, Servant-Leader, Christian Coach, Chayil Woman, and Ambassador for Christ. 

“Operation Mount Olives” is one of FLILCC’s mandate and missions. Prophetess Deidre says. She and her husband, Apostle James, co-labor with The Adell Foundation – a not-for-profit organization to help provide educational courses, seminars, and workshops.

“Our visions and assignments are to be Kingdom-driven, and purpose-driven, bringing faith, hope, and restoration – spiritually, physically, and naturally.”  

Prophetess Deidre confessed, “Our operations bring hope and restoration physically, spiritually, and naturally. At every WOW conference we host, we invite healthcare professionals and nurses who check for cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood glucose levels/sugar, and heart monitoring along with consultation.” 

As for Education, Prophetess Deidre completed and received her Doctorate as Valedictorian from Lamad University! She also attended and graduated from Ministry Training College, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, founded by Bishop Bill Hamon. Additionally, she graduated from Full Gospel Christian Assembly International School of Ministry Training, Hazel Crest, IL, founded by Apostle Ron Wilson. Lastly, she is an ordained Prophet.

In 1992, Prophetess Deidre was inspired after receiving Christ as her savior and Lord, then fell in love with God. 

“I developed a close intimate relationship with Yahweh. Then I had an encounter with God among many witnesses, and received God’s calling, anointing, mission, vision, and destiny for my life.”

When I received my calling, I inherited my mission and vision.

Her spiritual father is Apostle Ron Wilson, who helped her acknowledge her calling/office. Once Prophetess Deidre received her calling and mission, she needed to be amongst like-minded individuals. And by her being a prophet, it was difficult for Prophetess Deidre to adjust to not being respected, just rejected. She experienced a lot of spiritual warfare and challenges then and now. 

“Once I finished Ministry Training College, I had a full-blown vision. The Lord sent me to Apostle John Eckhart because God revealed to me that he had a heart for prophets. I served under his leadership, and my husband and I are covenant members of Apostle Eckhart’s network and university,” Prophetess Deidre stated.  

Maximizing my potential and moving boldly toward my destiny. 

Admittedly, Prophetess Deidre says in the next five years they’re looking forward to expansion. We are in the season of building – lives, ministry, outreach, our new headquarters, business, local and global relationships, writings, families, raising up sons and daughters to establish and maintain a strong relationship with Christ with love, faithfulness, integrity, and servanthood. 

“We covet your prayers and support. I expect to win many souls into the Kingdom of God through the apostolic and prophetic mandate of our ministry. I am currently publishing another book – I have written a book intertwined with a devotion book.”

On a rest day, you may find Prophetess Deidre gardening. She loves flowers! She truly has an appreciation for God’s beauty through His creation.  

“I am reminded of the Scripture and foundation which keeps me steadfast, unmovable, and unshakeable: “Yet I am so thankful to God, who always marches us to victory under the banner of the Anointed One; and through us, He spreads the beautiful fragrance of His knowledge to every corner of the earth.”

To learn more about Prophetess Deidre, visit www.FLILCC.org.

“Our operations bring hope and restoration physically, spiritually, and naturally. At every WOW conference we host, we invite healthcare professionals and nurses who check for cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood glucose levels/sugar, and heart monitoring along with consultation." 

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