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On Tuesday, December 19, 2023, the Pastors’ Conference of Chicago And Vicinity 
2023 President’s Annual Address was held at First Unity MB Church, 5129 S. Indiana Ave, Chicago, IL. 

The theme of today’s celebration was “WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER! WE DON’T GIVE UP!”

Pastor James C. Boyd

The opening of the ceremony, devotion, scripture, and prayers, were conducted by ministers of PCOVC, Pastor Carl Cooper, Pastor Elmer Venson, and Rev. Lamar Johnson.

Pastor Ira Wheaton, 1st Vice President of PCOVC did a great job hosting the event and reminding the speakers to keep their remarks courteous and relevant to the event’s purpose.

The event was electrifying! Pastors Charles Robertson and Rev. Floyd Skinner completely stole the show with their incredible musical performances. Their uptempo songs were an absolute game-changer and set the perfect tone for Pastor James C. Boyd’s annual address as president of PCOVC. 

“Introducing Pastor Boyd requires a president to speak on behalf of another president,” emphasized Pastor Wheaton. Let’s welcome Rev. Walter Turner with open arms. 

Pastor Boyd delivered a powerful message about unity. He emphasized the importance of preachers coming together and supporting each other, as it will make them stronger. Pastor Boyd also commented on how some ministers are operating without guidance and compared their backs to spaghetti and legs to jello. He concluded his speech by saying that what might be poison to one person could be medicine to another.

Pastor Leslie Sanders, senior pastor at Hope Presbyterian Church, delivered a powerful and engaging sermon today. He used sarcasm to make a point about his upbringing and how his parents played a key role in instilling a strong faith in him from a young age. 

“Do you know that since the pandemic less than 50% of Black folks no longer attend church regularly? And you wonder why our communities are in bad shape. It is because people lack faith in God.”

Pastor Acree expressed that he was excited to be in the building to celebrate with his friend Pastor Boyd. I am happy to give Pastor Boyd his flowers today so he can smell them.

“I would rather have one little rose, From the garden of a friend, Than to have the choicest flowers, When my stay on earth must end. So bring me flowers today, That I can gaze upon; I’d rather have one blossom now, Than a truckload when I’m gone.”

Activist Mama Dee said, “Blessed the man who blesses other great men.” 

The event was well attended by ministers, politicians, community activists, businessmen, and parishioners. 

In attendance were First Lady Margaret Boyd, Pastor J. C. Boyd, Pastor Walter Taylor, Rev. Ira Acree, Pastor Michael Harrington, Bishop Edgar Jackson, Pastor LaRue Kidd, Rev. James Worthy, Rev. Dr. Ray Bonney, Judge Murray, First Lady Sanders, Activist Mama Dee, Rev. Michael Eady, Pastor Jessie Lee, and many others.