Bishop Douglas V. Jackson
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Bishop Douglas V. Jackson

Bishop Douglas V. Jackson

Bishop Douglas V. Jackson is the senior pastor of New Life ND Christian Church. He is a remarkable worshiper with an impressive family history of faith. He hails from a line of five generations of devoted believers, including the illustrious Bishop Louis C. Jackson, his late mother. His grandmother, Mother Clark, was a force to be reckoned with in preaching, while his great-grandmother, Sie Waller, was a pastor, and her father was affectionately known as “Uncles.” Bishop Jackson comes from a legacy of fervent believers.

“I come from a long line of worshipers. My great-great-grandparents were devoted to their faith, and that devotion has been passed down through the generations. My mother, the late great Bishop Louis C. Jackson was a shining example of what it means to truly serve and honor God. My mother instilled in me a deep love and reverence for the Lord, and I am grateful for the legacy she left behind. As a fifth-generation worshiper, I feel a strong sense of responsibility to continue this tradition,” Bishop Jackson confessed.

Bishop Jackson and his family originally migrated from Virginia Beach, Virginia. That’s where he was born. During his childhood, Bishop Jackson’s mother would often recount how they would listen to his Uncle’s songs before going to bed at night. It brought back fond memories of his childhood.

“He would walk the unpaved gravel roads up and down Virginia Beach in the dark with his guitar singing songs. And it would give them chills just to hear his anointed voice,” said Bishop Jackson.

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Bishop Jackson is undeniably an exceptional individual. His God-given gift is evident in his remarkable ability to connect with people on a profound level and positively impact their lives. He is a testament to the years of prayer, fasting, and consecration that have gone into shaping him into the true child of God that he is. It is truly an honor to have the privilege of knowing him.

“The Lord saved me! I believe for the sake of my grandmother. Because she wanted all her grandchildren to live life day-to-day with genuine Christians. So, I got to see it firsthand, and it just molded and made my psychology what it is today. My spirituality and spiritual benediction are what it is now because I was brought up this way.”

In 1977, Bishop Jackson was ordained at a small church on the south side of Chicago. The Lord has always kept him around older saints. “The elders of the church got together with my mom. They came to me and said stop whatever you are doing and listen. Back in those days when the elders came and said, the Lord said, you stop whatever you are doing and listen,” Bishop Jackson said.

The church elders told Bishop Jackson that God was guiding them to ordain and install him as a youth minister.

Bishop Jackson was always driven and innovative in the business world. He had a knack for spotting opportunities and wasn’t afraid to take risks. His entrepreneurial spirit and ambition helped him succeed in his ventures and gain a reputation as a respected leader in his industry

“I believed in getting out there working and making some money. I had my sight set on, unfortunately, the American Dream, a house, car, picket fence, and a couple of children. A nice wife and a nice life. But the Lord had other things planned. I’m glad he did. The American dream has since become the American nightmare,” Bishop said.

“Because we see what’s been going on. There is no real concern for the welfare of its people. The leaders are not truly into it for the welfare of the people; they are all about themselves. And so that’s why I call it the American nightmare.”

It seems that Bishop Jackson was shown by God that we should all strive for a global and kingdom consciousness. This is a powerful concept that goes beyond the narrow focus of the American dream. It’s encouraging to see leaders who are thinking beyond their borders and looking to create positive change on a global scale.

Bishop Jackson’s unwavering faith in God has been his greatest strength throughout his life. He knows that people are imperfect and can let you down at any moment, but his trust in a higher power never falters. It is this unshakeable belief that has guided him through the toughest of times and helped him remain strong and steadfast in his convictions.

“I’m just like anybody else you meet on the street with the exception that I’m saved.”

In addition, Bishop Jackson is looking to expand his ministry. He mentioned, “I sat down with my grant writer recently and informed her about everything that we are doing. I want to enlarge our community programs. I pray that prayer of Jabba every day. There is something to that prayer because it activates your faith in God.”

During his spare time, Bishop Jackson enjoys walking for exercise, and playing guitar in front of an audience.

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