Kingdom Creations Network, making a significant impact

Kingdom Creations Network, making a significant impact

Apostle Thurston A Hill

Apostle Thurston A Hill is a senior prominent pastor and founder of Help In Healing Church, Apostolic – located in Crest Hill, Illinois. Along with his lovely wife, 1st Lady Lady J. Hill, Apostle Hill has been able to make a significant impact on the community through his ministry. He is highly regarded for his dedication to spreading love and hope. He firmly believes that faith should encompass family and humor, making his ministry a refreshing and uplifting experience. 

In addition to his ministry, Apostle Hill is the proud owner of Kingdom Creations Network. The network, which is a streaming channel on Roku and an app on all devices, aims to provide small and medium-sized ministries with a platform to reach a wider audience. 

In recent times, people have been moving away from regular cable to streaming. Roku is a streaming platform that has over 60 million viewers. Apostle Hill is excited about being a part of their lineup.

Kingdom Creations Network markets to small and medium-sized ministries that have a word, but may not have the finances. 

Apostle Hill understands that many ministries and gospel artists are anointed and full of vision, but often do not have the financial means to get on the right platform. That’s where Kingdom Creations Network comes in, offering an avenue to reach a wider audience beyond Facebook and YouTube. 

“We are providing an avenue to reach a wider audience than just Facebook. I know people like Facebook and YouTube because it’s free! However, Facebook does not target the sick, shut-in, the elderly, and the unchurched who browse streaming networks looking for ministry content,” Apostle Hill said.

Additionally, Kingdom Creations Network produces original content. 

Kingdon Creations Network

“Driven by the passion of the will of God, I began building our channel on Roku. It’s been a challenging but exciting journey so far. My team is passionate about getting the gospel out in multifaceted avenues like documentaries, comedy specials, and recordings of gospel artists.”

Kingdom Creations Network believes that sharing the message of God doesn’t always have to be serious and dull. They hope to spread joy and laughter while inspiring others to deepen their faith. 

“It’s a big task, but we have faith that we can make a difference,” Provided Apostle Hill.