Introduction of Black Jews in Israel

Introduction of Black Jews in Israel

Prince Dr. Sar Amiel is one of the leaders of the African Hebrew Israelite Nation of Jerusalem. And for those who don’t know, they were the African Americans who left the U.S. in 1967.

Prince Amiel provided, “We are the Hebrews who left America in 1967, went into Liberia for two and a half years to purge ourselves of as much iniquitous behavior as we could. Weknew when we went into the Promised Land we would be met with challenges. We didn’t want to sabotage ourselves with bad behavior and life practices because we knew we had to be better human beings to establish ourselves as Gods people again.

“We didn’t know how to grow food”

They were determined but yet struggling in Liberia. “We didn’t know how to grow food, and there were none of the conveniences of life that we were use to in America. Raining for months, driver ants, black mamba snakes were just a few of the things we were confronted with daily,” explained Prince Amiel.

“Fortunately, we met a group of people from an old Garveyite community who had been living off the land for many years. They taught us how to survive and take care of ourselves. Without their help, we might not have made it to Israel. It’s amazing how much food is available if you know how to findand grow it,” Prince Amiel said.

Over fifty plus years, a courageous and tenacious group of Hebrews, men, women, and children, Pan-Africanists, revolutionaries, Christians, Muslims,Moors, atheists, and others embarked on a historic journey to Israel.

Following 2000 years of being severed from their original lands, the holy lands, after being stripped of their land, language, and culture and being shipped all over the world as slaves and servants of the diabolical anti god world they pushed on to victory.

They emerged successfully returning to the holy land of their forefathers and mothers in 1968, starting with the Land of Israel.

“The reason you don’t know of this historical event is that our revolution was not televised, and they didn’t want the world to know that two months after Dr. King’s Mountaintop speech in Memphis, Tennessee we arrived in the Holy Lands.”

They under the auspices of the African Hebrew Israelite Nation of Jerusalem, landed in Israel, Northeast Africa, fulfilling Dr. King’s prophetic utterance that “we as a people will get to the promised land.” This great endeavor unfolded as they left America.

Presently, people refer to them as the Israelites of Jerusalem, Hebrew Israelites, and Black Jews.

Whatever they call them, they are around 14,000 thousand strong and are spread all over Israel and the world.

This is the beginning of bringing their victory to the world. “We are now televising the revolution thanks to outlets like 3:16 and otherpublications showing the value ofgood press on Black people behalf.”

In the late 1970s, Prince Dr. Sar Amiel traveled to Israel and matriculated to the highest levels of leadership. Now, he begins to tell the story told from a semi-autobiographical perspective. In essence, this is a real-time, real-world personal story of his and the Nations development.

Furthermore, the Blacks who live in Israel presently are carrying on the evolution of sovereignty and statehood through their blood, sweat, tears, sacrifices, and joys.

“Our people represented the only significant sovereignty challenge to the Euro-Centric Hegemony.Theirpsyops sabotage programs were to deter us from being a people and a nation again.” “We are now of age and have taken responsibility for our destinies establishing our institutions enhancing our education, trade, and commerce,” explained Prince Amiel.

The Black Jewish population in Israel has established their cottage industries running their government and administrating their affairs. They deal with the constant challenges, impediments, sabotaging, character assassinations, slander, etc from their adversaries.

Prince Dr. Amiel talks about the myriad of racist practices and institutionally structured Jim Crowism of the past to the present. He presents a realistic view of establishing and walking a road never traveled.

“From delivering our own babies, educating our own, employing our own, and feeding our own, we march on to higher heights and expose you to the world to the life and story of a people determined to be free,” stated Prince Dr. Amiel.

“My book “Freedom” is our story and your story. If you have ever felt victimized, disenfranchised, marginalized, and couldn’t take it anymore and decided enough was enough, this is not only your story but it is also a testimony of the courage,resilience tenacity, fortitude, and bravery which celebrates the energy of those who came before us in our struggle for freedom in America and around the world.”

Prince Amiel wants you to embrace and read his book titled War, Destiny& Freedom : The Hebrew Israelite Victory (War, Destiny & Freedom Book 1) to inspire and motivate you, from victim to victor.

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