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Prophetess Helen Speights

Helen Speights

A handmaiden of God that is faithful, dedicated, and genuine due to her relationship with God. She has experienced in her life’s journey that God is the only one who has brought her through and made her victorious. There would not be Prophetess Helen Speights if GOD were not the center of her life.

Furthermore, she is an anointed speaker, author, intercessor, and a woman of God that believes in helping others. She has been under Apostle John Eckhart’s leadership for over thirty years.  Prophetess Speights has evangelized domestically and internationally.

Moreover, she has been the founder of Davidic Generation Outreach Ministries (DGOM) for over twenty years, and her motivation comes from God’s Holy Spirit in helping others demonstrate Godly principles to others that would impact their lives. This has opened a plethora of doors for new endeavors to manifest.

Davidic Generation Outreach Ministries (DGOM) partnered with Apostle Bridget Outlaw, CEO of Daughters of Destiny Enterprises, Inc. to receive community goods to distribute to seniors, the homeless, and refugees. Here are some of the communities that received the contribution: Matthew House, the Salvation Army, the homeless living underneath Dan Ryan at 22nd Street, other people, and organizations living in the Chicago area.

Helen Speights

In addition, ministries that collaborated with Davidic Generation to distribute community goods are God First Ministries, Signature of Prolific Women, Conceived in Love Ministries, Saints with God’s Love, Living Hope Kingdom Ministries, Oasis Healing Temple Ministries, Mother Jacqueline Record, Spanish communities Dr. Sonia Martinez and many other churches and organizations.

Prophetess Speights obeyed God by beginning this outreach ministry from Psalms 24:6, that God is looking for a generation to seek Him and His face. Having the desire to train and teach the body of Christ arises into maturity in God’s supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and demonstrates His suddenly in their lives.

This will lead to the full realization of their endowed power from God to heal the sick, cast out devils, prophesy, and manifest signs, wonders, miracles, and prophetic evangelism, all for the purpose of bringing in the glory of God and presenting the LIVING Jesus Christ to the multitudes.

Prophetess Speights’s inspiration came very early in life after her mother, Mary Jones, passed at age two. Family and the community stepped up and nurtured her and showed her love. This particular lady Mrs. Kelly, who had her own children, loved Prophetess Speights, and her siblings also took them to church every Sunday. This display of nurturing and love left a profound imprint within her heart. This is one of the foundations of why God uses her in demonstrating His unrelenting love to others.

Throughout her life, there were people that God had sent to be a blessing, and there were people the enemy sent to hinder her. Regardless of the reason they crossed her path, God got the victory.  This contributed to her understanding of her identity, purpose, and destiny within the kingdom of God.

Prophetess Speights had many positions within the body of Christ due to her servant’s heart. Wherever there was a need, ushering, singing in the choir, deaconess, training, altar worker, teaching Sunday school, preaching or even visiting those who were in the hospitals and nursing homes, group leader for prophetic ministry, and ministering prophetically to the body of Christ.

Prophetess Speights mentioned,  “I truly believe that God has a plan for every one of us according to Jeremiah 29:11. I am grateful to have been able to play a small part in His grand design.” She also quoted having the privilege to provide comfort and support to patients at Rush Hospital when praying with them brought joy to her heart because the prayers made a difference in their lives. She will always cherish these memories that left imprints within her heart.

Furthermore, she quoted, “I started a prayer group at Rush Hospital and collaborated with the communities, Cook County Hospital, UIC, and Northwestern Hospital on every Tuesday afternoon at 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm and prayed. For many years we prayed and laid a prayer foundation within Rush Hospital, and it was always about serving the Community at large.”

Prophetess Speights had volunteered at Rush Hospital in the pediatric ward for over sixteen years. She comforts and supports the children through prayers and showing her love to them, also imparting a positive impact on their lives. Her dedication to assisting others is truly inspiring. 

Her quote, “I would just read and cuddle those little ones who didn’t have parents, just sharing the love that was within me to give. Also, I like to give out love and receive love because love was lacking in my own life due to my mother passing so early in life. This made me more sensitive to the needs of others. Besides that, I was not accepted at times, but God placed the love in my heart to love the unlovable and those that are in need.

Prophetess Speights has a large family of twelve siblings by her parents and four more from her father, and most of them manifest gifts and calling from God in the prophetic, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.

In addition, the twelve are very close and support each other because we have learned to trust God and lean on each other also. It’s amazing to see the diversity of ministries that my sisters function in and how they continue to grow and thrive in their respective ministries.

Her identical twin sister, Prophetess Harlene, goes out ministering and preaching together throughout the United States, also doing prophetic seminars on how to hear the voice of God and how to move in the prophetic.  Also, they have collaborated and written a book together, ‘Gifts Within Gift. ‘Besides that, last year, three of my biological sisters and I received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from the School of Ministry, director Dr. Rose Bond.  

Prophetess Speights’s first book came into being after 15 years which was ‘Live to Pray and Pray to Live.’ The book was born out of a life of devastation, struggle, much prayer, and the divine help of the Holy Spirit. This book teaches you how you can pray to live and live to pray, which is a life of power! No matter how long and the challenges walking through the process cause her to persevere in writing the book.

“I am so grateful to God for the finished product. The book was sold out at the book signing. The book was well-received, and it was gratifying to know that I had changed people’s lives by helping them understand the power of their prayers. I recently completed my fourth book and praise God that his anointing is on the book, and I have sold out my first group of books.”   

“On the other hand, writing has become Prophetess Speights passion, and she is grateful for the opportunity to share her stories with the world.

“The reason why it took 15 years to write my first book was due to procrastination, fear of editing and proofreading, formatting, etc. I had to trust God for the process and write what God placed in me to write” 

This book,’ Live to Pray and Pray to Live,’ tells a story about how God allowed Prophetess Speights to see that she could not live without prayer in a marriage with someone who was 24 years older than her.

“It was by the grace of God that kept me saved in the marriage and stayed in it to the end. There were some hills and valleys but God! I realized that I needed to pray, believe, and stand on the God kind of faith to see the plan and the purpose manifest in my marriage. Yes, my husband was good and saved when he transitioned two and a half years ago.”

The second book was ‘Live to Pray and Pray to Live Workbook,’ which is a study guide to help unlock the mysteries of having a relationship with God through prayer. There are 14 modules and the modules will help the reader to study prayer and understand why it is so important. The following is a list of some of the modules: A. the foundation of prayer, B. Holy Spirit, C. instructions on how to pray, D. addressing unanswered prayers, E. Fasting, and many more. 

“In the third book ‘Gift Within A Gift,’ my twin and I were instructors at a prophetic seminar, and we had a plethora of material that the Holy Spirit said turned it into a book. The book informs us that God, through the gift of Jesus Christ, has given us many gifts. The Holy Spirit is the gift that Jesus Christ asked the Father to send and who dwells within those that believe. Therefore, we were given a gift, also acknowledging we are the gift to release gifts through the Holy Spirit to demonstrate God’s kingdom on earth. In addition, this book is a guide to help you activate your gift within the ministry.”

Prophetess Speights’s recent book ‘Unrelenting A Journey of Profound Faith,’ shares a glimpse of her journey of faith after the loss of her husband, which he was dealing with Alzheimer’s. In this book, the word of God will uncover an understanding of grief to assist the reader in growing the measure of faith that has been given. This book will challenge the reader in their faith level as they examine themselves and see where their faith levels are. Knowledge, understanding, and the Word is power, and it helps the reader to fight the good fight of faith! 

In Prophetess Speights’s spare time, she enjoys reading, bowling, going to live plays, and viewing the latest movies that are clean, pure, and wholesome for a family to watch. 

Prophetess Speights’s current endeavor is to pray for all people to come together in giving to those that are less fortunate. That the people will yield to the Holy Spirit to guide them in building up the Kingdom of God by taking care of the orphans and widows, and all those that are less fortunate! This is one of the desires of Helen’s heart.

A video interview was completed, which is on her website that you can view