Pastor Cynthia Bullock, love for God and people
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Pastor Cynthia Bullock, love for God and people

Pastor Cynthia Bullock

Pastor Cynthia Bullock hails from Milan, Michigan, and has a unique perspective on life. She exudes positivity and warmth wherever she goes. Her ability to connect with people and make them feel at ease is truly special. She is also an auntie to many. Pastor Cynthia Bullock has a genuine passion for helping others.

The inspiration to become a pastor came from God. 

“My grandparents instilled in me to have faith in the Lord at the ages of four and five. They taught me how to pray,” explained Pastor Bullock.

Despite straying from the church during her teen years, God intervened and guided her back to the faith as an adolescent.

After High School, She decided to travel the world. Pastor Bullock eventually settled in Dunoon, Scotland, UK, where she was able to fully immerse herself in a variety of cultures and interact with some truly remarkable individuals.

This experience proved to be an invaluable opportunity that allowed Pastor Bullock to gain a greater understanding of the world and her place within it. She returned to the United States at 21 after spending nearly three years overseas.

“On April 7, 1986, I truly met the Lord. I had been attending church for many years, but that day was special for me. Since then, I have been walking in the cool of the day with the Lord and my faith has been a guiding light in my life.”

Pastor Cynthia Bullock’s journey of faith led her to attend the Charles H. Mason Theological Seminary in 1995. Recently, she completed her biblical studies at the Faith Deliverance Teaching Center and graduated in 2023. Her dedication to learning and growing in her faith is an inspiration to many.

A significant moment in her life

In 2001, Pastor Cynthia Bullock was birthed out of the Daughters of Zion from Mother Extella Boyd’s board and Dr. Kenneth Collins. This was a significant moment in her life, as it opened up new opportunities for her to serve her community and spread the word of God.

Cynthia Bullock

“I was at a conference where I met Dr. Mildred C. Harris and she invited me out! It was such a wonderful opportunity to become her daughter and witness all the positive impact she has had on so many people’s lives. Dr. Harris truly is a blessing to many souls.”

Pastor Bullock took a leap of faith and started her ministry.

In 2007, Pastor Bullock took a leap of faith and launched her radio ministry. She broadcasted words of encouragement through her new prayer line. The message quickly spread that Pastor Bullock was on the radio. 

Pastor Bullock provided, “The Lord spoke to me and said, “When I send favor, act on it” And behold, someone called me from a local radio station.”

She started with just 15 minutes and the power of God would arrive every time Pastor Bullock went on the airwaves. People would call in afterward. Later, the broadcast expanded to an hour.” 

“I went back to school and got my producer’s license. However, it happened the same year I started the radio ministry. I finally received my producer’s license from Comcast. This opportunity consequently caused me to interview different pastors. The radio show was about pressing forward through life circumstances.”

Pastor Bullock is using her faith and ministry to help those in need. Her Share Program for seniors and services for young women with incarcerated partners are just a couple of examples of how she’s making a positive impact in her community. Pastor Bullock’s love for God is truly reflected in her actions towards others.

Today, Pastor Bullock is encouraging others to take the 30-day prayer challenge, which she believes will change their lives forever. She continues to touch the lives of those around her every day.