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Kingdom at Hand International Ministry

Apostles Carrie and Jermael Anthony

 Kingdom at Hand International Ministry is a remarkable church founded by two amazing Apostles, Jermael and Carrie Anthony. It is truly inspiring to see how they balance their family and ministry, being joyfully married for 18 years and raising three wonderful children, Josiah, Kai, and Myah. Their dedication and commitment to their ministry are exceptional.

Apostle Carrie is a full-time marriage counselor outside of her ministry work. Her passion for helping people resolve their problems and find happiness in their relationships is admirable. It’s amazing how she can handle her roles as a counselor and a minister, and her clients benefit greatly from her wisdom, experience, and compassion.

“Throughout my childhood, I had a call of God upon my life. At 9, I began giving prophetic words to my parent’s friends in my pajamas. However, early on I was called to preach, problem-solve, and bring God’s word,” Apostle Carrie said.

Meanwhile, upon entering the church one Sunday morning, Apostles Jermael and Carrie were requested to their pastor’s office. Their pastor immediately informed the couple to start their ministry. Apostles Carrie (23) and Jermael (24) were assistant pastors at the time. They had worked with this particular ministry for three years.

“The senior pastor had taken us into the office and told us it was time to fly. We asked. What do you mean? He replied. It’s time for you both to start your ministry. We were not excited about that idea, because we wanted to continue serving and spreading the gospel. He said you can follow us to Florida or stay. The church will support you with either decision,” Apostle Carrie said.

However, after that meeting, they sat down in their silver Dodge Neon to discuss their plans. Apostle Jermael explained, “I’ll never forget that we were driving on Ashland and talking about the whole ordeal. And my wife said, “I have the perfect name “Kingdom at Hand.” God gave it to her when she was 12.”

Apostle Jermael says it was an incredible name because that’s what they do! He was having an earth-colliding type of moment in that very instant, a black Chevy Impala rear-ended them. Consequently, they were sitting at the stoplight when the accident occurred.

“We thought the rear end was damaged. Most importantly, I checked my wife and saw that she was okay. The person who hit us exited his car appearing drunk. However, our small car did not have a scratch. It moved six feet while my foot was on the brakes. I knew that our car was totaled.”

In hindsight, Apostle Jermael believed that the car accident they experienced right after they were tasked to start their church could have been a bad omen. Meanwhile, as he grew older and wiser, he realized that God’s hand was always protecting their ministry right from the beginning.

“We’ve always understood that God is first and everything else is second. Sometimes situations start in calamity. From a positive perspective, God was keeping us safe from the worst circumstances,” explained Jermael.

Kingdom At Hand has transitioned to using Zoom for their ministry, which has opened up new possibilities and opportunities for outreach in their efforts to build God’s kingdom. Sometimes change can lead to ambitious ideas and new ways of approaching ministry, It’s important to stay adaptable and open to new possibilities as they arise. Furthermore, what matters most in any ministry is the desire to serve God and spread His love and message to others.

Kingdom At Hand is doing an amazing job by providing a place for those who are often overlooked or considered outcasts in society. They call these people “lepers,” but it’s important to remember that everyone deserves love and acceptance, no matter their differences or perceived shortcomings.

“We are looking to go back into the facility. We have grown more because of the pandemic. It forced us to go online, get involved with social media,” expressed Apostle Jermael.

“They are looking into training and equipping the saints. This way more spiritual sons and daughters will gravitate to them. They now have apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. “It allows us to hone in on our assignments. If you’re an educator, you are bringing that apostolic spirit into your realm of education,” Apostle Jermael said.

Apostle Carrie said, “ I think the change of the pandemic made us all closer. We were outside of the normal church brick-and-mortar doing outreach. Therefore, people said, that since we can’t be together, we can unite in our hearts and spirits. People began to focus on loving God, listening to the message digesting the word, and growing personally. I have seen a lot of that happening.”

Furthermore, Kingdom At Hand began to grow substantially. “The ministry grew financially because we didn’t have the overhead,” Provided Apostle Carrie.

Apostle Jermael explained, “Honestly, the pandemic blessed us. There were a lot of creative and innovative ideas that materialized through such a tragedy. Now we’re doing all ranges of videos, from short to long. Moreover, we are doing Facebook Live and seeing a lot of growth.”

Apostle Jermael says defining success is predicated on Matthew 10:7 through 9. It says that the kingdom of God is at hand, healing, the sick, cleansing, and raising the dead further. We are doing ministry, preaching the gospel, and sharing that the kingdom of God is at hand. Our mission is to help people all day and night!

Apostle Jermael said, “We are gaining a lot more people with mental illnesses. We are looking at ideas to create more systems and procedures to facilitate healing and recovery for those suffering. 

Current projects

In addition, the Kingdom at Hand Prayer Project is looking to gain students inside the school. The Prayer Projects are for people dealing with family members who are not doing so well during times of crisis such as; ongoing violence, mental illness, and loss of sense of self-awareness. They pray very consistently for healing.

“We also are having our First Marriage Retreat, “The Unbreakable Marriage” and it is centered around educating married and the unmarried alike on God’s creation, “marriage” to construct homes in wisdom and love for long-lasting, healthy marriages and families, “Apostle Carrie said.

Life outside of ministry 

“The entire family goes on vacation. My husband and I have date nights where it’s specifically him and me. We love to eat at stellar restaurants. We also have family times with the children.” Apostle Carrie said.