Advocates Unite to Combat Alzheimer’s Disease
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 Advocates Unite to Combat Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia Dignified Academy is a non-profit entity dedicated to transforming dementia care.

In the heart of Chicago, where compassion meets innovation, Dementia Dignified Academy stands as a beacon of hope for caregivers, healthcare professionals, and families navigating the challenging terrain of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Founded by the indomitable Pastor Jeanette B. Jordan, this non-profit entity is rewriting the script of dementia care.

A Legacy of Love and Expertise

At the core of DDA lies the legacy of Dr. Robert A. Jordan—a prominent pediatrician and the first African American Chief Resident at Rush University. His battle with Alzheimer’s ignited a fire within Pastor Jordan, propelling her to create an institution that would honor his memory.

“My late husband Dr. Jordan’s legacy will be measured not only in awareness raised but in the lives touched, hearts comforted, and dignity preserved.”

Pastor Jordan made a solemn pledge to God and her late husband that she would be a vocal advocate for individuals affected by Alzheimer’s disease. 

Despite her lack of knowledge about the disease in 2014, she eventually realized that her husband was suffering from it. However, it wasn’t until 2016 that she acknowledged the decline in his memory. 

Since then, she has been determined to raise awareness about this debilitating disease and to help those affected by it.


The Warning Signs

“My husband repeatedly called me over and over again from his office. While golfing, he would misplace his phone, and keys and could not recall where he had put them. He would place his wallet in strange places, like in the refrigerator. With no way of re-tracking where he had possibly misplaced them. Once he burned all of our extensive collection of African art. He said that those were demons and that God told him to destroy it, so he did in a wheelbarrow in our backyard,” Pastor Jordan said.

In a remarkable convergence of purpose, Pastor Jordan and Michelle Mason, the visionary founder of Ending Dis-Ease Consulting LLC, have joined forces to tackle Alzheimer’s Disease.

A Shared Mission

Both women bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to their cause. Michelle Mason, with over 18 years of dedicated service, has worn many hats in her journey. As a former Memory Support Director, she walked alongside countless individuals and families navigating the labyrinth of Alzheimer’s. Her empathy and firsthand knowledge of the disease’s impact on loved ones fueled her passion for advocacy.

Michelle expressed, “Our mission extends far beyond caregiving and the lives directly impacted by dementia. It reaches into the very heart of our faith-based communities—the bedrock of strength within the African American Community.”

Together, let us forge a path—a path that transcends mere awareness and leads to action. Let our faith communities become beacons of hope, where every individual touched by dementia finds solace, understanding, and unwavering love.

A Holistic Approach

Together, Mason and Pastor Jordan emphasize a holistic approach to Alzheimer’s care. Their collaboration transcends mere awareness campaigns; it delves into the heart of caregiving. Here are the key pillars of their joint mission:

Advocacy and Service: Mason and Pastor Jordan, unwavering advocates for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease, their care partners and their families, tirelessly champion policy changes, increased funding, and improved healthcare access. Their resonant voices echo not only within the community but also reverberate through legislative corridors. Simultaneously, they actively invest their time and expertise in the National Alzheimer’s Association – Chicago Chapter. As servant leaders, they embody their beliefs by serving as Volunteer Community Educators and Support Group Facilitators. Their combined efforts create a powerful force in the fight against this relentless disease.

Compassion: Recognizing that caregiving can be emotionally draining, they emphasize compassion. “We must care for the caregivers,” says Mason. “Their well-being directly impacts the quality of care they provide.” Pastor Jordan echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the need for empathy and understanding.

Dignity: Alzheimer’s patients deserve dignity throughout their journey. Mason and Pastor Jordan work to dispel stigma and promote respectful treatment. “Dignity is not negotiable,” asserts Pastor Jordan. “Even in the face of cognitive decline, every individual retains their inherent worth.”

Equity: Communities of color often face disparities in healthcare access. Mason and Pastor Jordan focus on bridging this gap. They collaborate with local organizations, host workshops, and provide culturally sensitive resources. “Health equity is a fundamental right,” says Mason. “We won’t rest until everyone receives the care they deserve.”

The Grassroots Movement

As grassroots warriors, Mason and Pastor Jordan engage directly with families affected by Alzheimer’s. They organize community events, share personal stories, and create safe spaces for dialogue. Their impact extends beyond statistics; it reaches the hearts of caregivers, patients, and loved ones.

In the words of Pastor Jeanette B. Jordan, “We fight not only for today’s generation but for generations to come. Alzheimer’s may be formidable, but our collective spirit is indomitable.”

The battle against Alzheimer’s rages on, but with Michelle Mason and Pastor Jeanette Jordan leading the charge, hope shines brighter than ever. 

Michelle explained, “For individuals that are living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. We also want to be the pioneers of a new era of compassionate care through creating personalized connections.”

“Alzheimer’s disease is an unfortunate reality that impacts countless families. As someone who has dedicated over 18 years to memory support, education, training and advocacy, I understand the difficulties that caregivers face, especially within the African-American community. This is why my work and the work of Dementia Dignified Academy is more important than ever. By raising awareness and providing support, we can help those impacted by this disease,” Michelle said.


Their collaboration emphasizes a holistic approach, recognizing that caregiving can be emotionally draining and that the well-being of caregivers directly impacts the quality of care they provide. Finally, they work to dispel stigma and ensure that Alzheimer’s patients receive the dignity they deserve throughout their journey.

A Mouthpiece for Christ,
Pastor Jeanette B. Jordan, M.Div., CLC, DCS, DCSCT
Journey to the Cross Ministries-A Multi Denominational Church

Michelle Mason, CDP, CMDCP, CDSGF, DCS
Founder of Ending Dis-Ease Consulting LLC
Chief Operating Officer for Dementia Dignified Academy