Encouraging the next generation
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Encouraging the next generation

The life of author, pastor, and businesswoman Gwendolyn Appleberry is a shining example of selfless service to the Englewood community. For more than 24 years, Pastor Appleberry has served as the senior pastor at God’s Gift Ministries, 6549 S. Halsted Street in Chicago, IL. 

Before answering the call to ministry, she was a successful entrepreneur who owned My Inheritance Beauty Plaza, where people from all over the city would come to have their hair done. 

Despite her success as a businesswoman, however, she felt a strong sense of duty to serve a higher calling in life. Ultimately, she decided to become a pastor, despite facing obstacles and resistance from those who believed women had no place in ministry.

Through her unwavering faith and commitment, Pastor Appleberry has inspired countless individuals in her community to lead more meaningful, purpose-driven lives. 

Her church’s youth program, in particular, has been a source of pride for both – her and her congregation. By teaching the youth leadership skills based on John Maxwell’s books, she has helped them develop the tools they need to succeed.

As a result of her tireless efforts, God’s Gift Ministries has become a beacon of hope in the heart of Englewood. Pastor Appleberry’s deep love for her community is evident in everything she does, from organizing events to providing support to those in need. 

Pastor Appleberry’s vision of helping other communities beyond Englewood is evident in her enduring dedication to serving others. 

Pastor Gwendolyn Appleberry has an extensive background in education. She has been a licensed teacher with the Illinois State Board for over 40 years and has worked closely with the Chicago Board of Education. 

Pastor Gwendolyn Appleberry

She has organized and facilitated child-parent workshops as an independent contractor. She has also studied accreditation for 17 years, with a focus on New Thought and the Johnnie Coleman Institute.

Pastor Appleberry is an ordained minister of Christianity and metaphysical science. She holds a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate in metaphysical science, as well as a doctorate in divinity parapsychology and a doctorate in theocentric psychology. 

She is a life coach, healing practitioner, and counselor. Gwendolyn is the author of “Newer Thoughts: The Television of the Mind Uses the Motherboard of the Heart.”

Pastor Gwendolyn Appleberry  

Meanwhile, she has received numerous awards, including the Women’s Trailblazer Award for Outstanding Work with Mothers & Youth from Southwest Collaborative. 

She has also been a board member of various organizations, including the Greater Englewood Business Association, the 7th District Steering Committee, the Chicago Transit Authority, Englewood High School, and Paul Robeson High School. 

Pastor Appleberry has received several awards, including the Jefferson Award from NBC Channel 5, the Chicago Religious Arts and Science Award, and the Her/Story Award from the Global Women’s Peace Network. 

She is also a recipient of the Appreciation Offering of Invocation from Cook County Board of Commissioners President Toni Preckwinkle and the Multi-Ethnic Task Force Award from U.S. Congressman Danny K. Davis. 

Pastor Appleberry is the editor-in-chief and TV host of “ENGLEWOOD Talks” on Channel 19 and 25, Wednesdays at 7 am. She is also the editor, executive producer, and host of “Good Words for Better Living” on Chicago’s 1570am WGBX.

Most importantly, Pastor Appleberry is a leading voice in the spiritual community for “Adjusting Human Awareness” and is a board member of the Multi-Ethnic Advisory Task Force (MEATF), which promotes and helps minorities. 

She is the Global Senior Vice President of Ministries and Spirituality Centers for Humanity Inc. (Interfaith Leaders Globally From all faiths), and MASCH is the Senior Global Vice President of Ministries and Spirituality Centers for Humanity Inc.

In conclusion, Pastor Gwendolyn Appleberry’s life is evident in the power of faith, dedication, and love. Her unwavering commitment to serving her community has made a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals, and her legacy will continue to inspire future generations for years to come.

She believed that love was the main ingredient to her church’s success, something we all need more of today. 

Pastor Gwen Appleberry