Zoe Ma is an embodiment of hard work and perseverance
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Zoe Ma is an embodiment of hard work and perseverance

Zoe Ma

Zoe Ma is a true inspiration. Despite arriving in America with only $40, she has established herself as a successful entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses. Her previous work as an administrator of an assisted living facility and property manager has undoubtedly helped her in her current ventures. 

Zoe took advantage of the educational benefits available to immigrants and earned two master’s degrees – one in sociology and another in business administration – from UIC. 

In 2001, Zoe, 23, began working for herself. She attributes her success and financial independence to taking the risk of not relying on a W2 or white-collar job. After obtaining her MBA, she started as a mortgage loan officer and quickly learned the trade. 

“After I received two master’s degrees, I decided to work for myself.” 

She then expanded her knowledge to marketing and communication and eventually owned about ten properties under her management.

“I was a mortgage loan officer. I had to study this trade from scratch. I was a quick learner. And I learned how to do marketing.”

Today, Zoe’s focus is on educating individuals to become independent and free of salaried work. She is developing a new business model to inspire people to apply their talents for their benefit.

Zoe believes her greatest strength as an entrepreneur is her ability to think outside the box and learn from others, even in an unrelated field.

“People should think outside the box. I’ve been into businesses unrelated to my degrees.”

Zoe advises people not to work multiple minimum wage jobs, but to use their spare time to learn a new field or start their own business. She does not encourage DoorDash or similar gigs as a means of making a living, as these jobs do not provide added value to people’s lives but instead move pieces of information from one person to another.

Zoe purchased a Smart Cooking Machine from China to help prep chefs run their restaurants more efficiently. The machine is electric-powered, takes up three square feet, and can cook six meals in five minutes. Zoe plans to use the machine as a “ghost kitchen” for entrepreneurs who want to run a restaurant without investing in equipment. 

Last summer, I came across a Smart Cooking Machine while vacationing in China. And I bought that machine to encourage future chefs to run their restaurants smart. It has six compartments that can cook six meals simultaneously in five minutes.

“Entrepreneurs can bring their recipes or learn to cook Asian fast food takeout. This equipment can also prepare soul food or other types of cuisine.”

Zoe believes the door is wide open for all kinds of food with the Smart Cooking MachineThe versatility of the Smart Cooking Machine means it can prepare different types of cuisine quickly and efficiently, making it an asset for any entrepreneur. 

Overall, Zoe’s actions serve as a reminder that with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to take risks, anyone can achieve financial independence and success.