West side church recognized local heroes 
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West side church recognized local heroes 

On the 10th of February, Bethel Mennonite Community Church, situated at 1434 S. Laflin St, Chicago, IL, hosted an event to honor and celebrate the community heroes who have demonstrated outstanding service and dedication towards bringing positive change to our city.

It was an occasion to recognize the remarkable contributions of these unsung heroes toward making our community a better place to live in.

Congressman Danny K. Davis said, “There are so many contributions and inventions that Blacks have made to impact America that we are just learning about.”

Pastor Tony Bianchi and his wife, Dr. Zenobia Sowell, awarded Congressman Davis an Eagle award for his soaring performance for helping people throughout his career.

At the ceremony, it’s worth mentioning that several honorees were presented with plaques for their exceptional leadership and impressive accomplishments.

Dr. Dennis Garrett said, “Congressman Davis was instrumental in me becoming successful. He told us that we are traitors if we do not come back and serve our community. While accepting this award I have to thank him.”

“I am honored to receive an award tonight. I just retired from my job. Recently, I got a call to go back to work and train candidates for job placement,” explained Maria Talis.

In conclusion, Pastor Bianchi thanked everyone in the audience. He reminded them that in African the ELDERS had the last word.

“It takes an entire community to solve our problems,” Pastor Bianchi said.