Recap: IPAE Leadership Summit ATL 2024
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Recap: IPAE Leadership Summit ATL 2024

Atlanta, Ga. – IPAE, Resurgence of the Sons of God Leadership Summit was held on March 27th and 28th, and it was an exciting conference that featured Roosevelt Jones, a Psalmist who electrified attendees with praise & worship and renditions of popular gospel songs. Pastor Dwayne L. Smith III led the opening prayer.

The event was co-hosted by Apostles Antonio L. Herrera and Cedric P. Lynch, who constantly reminded the audience of the many roles IPAE plays in our society. 

It was created in 1995, formerly known as (IPA). International Pentecostal Assemblies Egamenigal (IPEA) was founded by Chief Apostle Dr. William McCoy, D.D., Ph.D., This faith-based organization is an outreach ministry that focuses on establishing relationships.

Apostle Wright expressed, “I must recognize Chief Apostle Dr. McCoy because we are connected. I thank God for him because he is always willing to share. He is a distribution center.”

IPAE is an outreach ministry that focuses on establishing relationships with a conglomerate of churches of various denominations, nationalities, and ethnicities coming together as one body to facilitate community service and social justice. 

Dr. Wallace Gator Bradley expressed, “We have a legacy of helping individuals.”

The mission is to organize religious groups, non-profit entities, and community outreach programs to provide a viable networking system that focuses on sharing ideas, resources, information, and services that will meet spiritual, physical, and social needs.

Apostle Herrera, Executive Director of Outreach said, “IPAE stands for action and is not about building pockets. It is about connecting to the community outside of the four walls. We are the ambassadors for God.”

Pastor Paul Jake of the 7th congressional district, represented by Congressman Danny K. Davis, explained that Chief Apostle McCoy means a lot to the faith-based community.

“We can make a difference to reach beyond where we are. We could not get media coverage until Chief Dr. Apostle McCoy contacted hip-hop icon Curtis Blow. Afterward, the local media said there was a shift in the race for Congress. U.S. Representative Danny K. Davis won the race by over 57 percent.” 

Apostle A. R. Wilson said, “There was Rejuvenation in the spirit and in time for resurrection.“

Guest speakers included Apostle Dr. Constanta Harris-Wright, Pastor Washington, 13th District U.S. Congress Candidate Karen Rene, Sasha Ivy, and Chris Peck of Petra Insurance Group. They all spoke kindly of Chief Apostle Dr. McCoy and the impact of IPAE in their lives.

“You cannot peel a banana if it stays in a bunch. We have to stick together. There is a small percentage of our youth creating havoc in our community over money. However, they need guidance,” Chief Apostle McCoy said. 

Chief Apostle Dr. McCoy thanked everyone for attending the IPAE leadership summit and 3:16 Magazine for providing media coverage.

Overall, the inaugural IPAE Leadership Summit was a resounding success as it managed to bring together an impressive assembly of accomplished individuals, both men and women, who are actively contributing towards the betterment of their respective communities.

Attendees left feeling empowered and inspired to continue their work. I am eagerly looking forward to attending this remarkable conference once again.