Archbishop Hudson III’s 50th Birthday Gala, A night to remember 
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Archbishop Hudson III’s 50th Birthday Gala, A night to remember 

The 50th Birthday Gala of Archbishop William Hudson III was an event that was nothing short of extraordinary. The Sheraton Grand Chicago Hotel, with its opulent and grandiose décor, set the stage for a night to be remembered. As guests arrived, they were treated to a VIP experience that set the tone for the evening. 

Archbishop Hudson personally welcomed and expressed his gratitude to the more than 700 guests who braved the cold and non-stop drizzle to attend the celebration.

The ambiance of the venue was nothing short of amazing, with every detail carefully planned and executed to perfection. 

To entertain the crowd, The Hamiltones, a Grammy-nominated R&B/Soul trio consisting of Tony Lelo, J. Vito, and Corey Williams, took the stage. Originally from North Carolina, the group started as background vocalists for Grammy-winning soul singer Anthony Hamilton. Their renditions of popular songs left the audience in awe.

 DJ Wyld Child, with his rhythmic beats and sounds, took the celebration to another level. The guests were lifted out of their seats as they danced the night away. 

The guest list was nothing short of impressive, with Chicago’s who’s who in attendance. Business leaders, spiritual leaders, and political figures were among the attendees who came together to celebrate Archbishop Hudson’s milestone birthday.

 “I am an executive pastor at the Powerhouse Chicago. I’ve been a member for over 22 years and an employee of the church for 15 years. I am elated to be here tonight because Archbishop Hudson is always celebrating everyone else so this is a special time for him,” Paula Dickens said.

“It is a blessing to be here to celebrate my friend’s birthday. That God will continue to guide and elevate him to unbelievable heights and happy 75th birthday,” Bishop Chris Harris said.

“We are honored to be here for Archbishop Hudson. We thank God for his life of 50 years,” Pastor Muhammad and Lady Toni Simms expressed. 

Pastor Eric Newson, Greater Mountain of Hope ministries expressed, “Tonight is a beautiful night to celebrate the Archbishop. We appreciate you for being who you are and for being a great leader and mentor to us. We love you and happy birthday!”

Pastor Hardy congratulated Archbishop Hudson with kind words of encouragement.  “God will continue to bless him because he is an amazing person.” 

Pastor Jake representing Congressman Danny Davis presented an award to Archbishop Hudson at his Gala. The Congressman’s recognition of Archbishop Hudson’s contributions to the community is a great honor and well-deserved.

“I am grateful to my friends, constituents, and The Powerhouse Chicago family for attending my black tie gala. And to let everyone know the milestone of turning 50 is a gift and a blessing from God almighty,”Archbishop Hudson said.

Archbishop William Hudson III is the senior pastor at Powerhouse Chicago, 944 West 103rd Street, Chicago, IL. His church serves over 3,000 members across three Sunday services and several services throughout the week. 

Archbishop Hudson was enthroned as Chief Prelate and Presiding Bishop of Pilgrim Assemblies International, Inc. Archbishop Hudson has served as an evangelist and ministered in over 40 States in the United States and has preached Internationally. Content and photos curated by 3:16 Magazine.